Action Verbs

Category: Scholarship Job Search Skills: Action Verbs

When describing functional skills, it is recommended that you choose action verbs. Defined Helped Offered
Delegated Hired Operated
Delivered Identified Ordered
Accelerated Allocated Assisted Demonstrated Illustrated Organized
Achieved Analyzed Attained Designed Implemented Originated
Accomplished Anticipated Audited Detected Improvised Painted

Acted Appointed Augmented Determined Increased Participated
Activated Apprised Averted Developed Indexed Perceived
Adapted Approved Bought Devised Influenced Performed
Added Arranged Briefed Diagnosed Initiated Persevered
Addressed Ascertained Broadened Directed Inspected Persuaded
Administered Assembled Built Documented Instituted Photographed
Advised Assessed Calculated Doubled Instructed Piloted

Changed Edited Interviewed Drove Insured Pioneered
Chartered Effected Introduced Earned Interpreted Planned
Checked Elicited Invented Predicted Repaired Supported
Clarified Eliminated Invested Prepared Reported Supplied
Classified Employed Investigated Presented Represented Surpassed
Coached Enforced Judged Prevented Researched Surveyed
Collaborated Engineered Kept Processed Resolved Synthesized
Collected Established Launched Procured Restored Systematized
Communicated Estimated Learned Produced Reversed Talked
Combined Evaluated Lectured Programmed Reviewed Taught
Compared Examined Led Promoted Revised Terminated
Competed Executed Lifted Proposed Revitalized Tested
Compiled Expanded Listened Proved Saved Tightened
Completed Expedited Located Provided Scheduled Traced
Composed Experimented Logged Publicized Searched Traded
Computed Explained Made Published Selected Trained
Conceived Extracted Maintained Purchased Separated Translated
Concluded Facilitated Managed Questioned Served Trimmed
Conducted Financed Manipulated Raised Serviced Tutored
Constructed Fixed Marketed Read Settled Uncovered
Contacted Followed Measured Realized Shaped Understood
Controlled Forecast Mediated Reasoned Simplified Unified
Copied Formulated Met Recommended Solved Used
Counseled Founded Minimized Reconciled Staffed Utilized
Crafted Framed Mobilized Recorded Started Verbalized
Created Gathered Modeled Recruited Stimulated Verified
Cultivated Generated Modernized Redesigned Streamlined Visualized
Dealt Governed Monitored Reduced Stretched Vitalized
Debated Guided Negotiated Regulated Structured Widened
Decentralized Halved Networked Referred Studied Won
Decided Handled Observed Renegotiated Summarized Worked
Decreased Headed Obtained Reorganized Supervised Wrote

Copyright 2004, President and Fellows of Harvard College


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